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Ormus Mineral


Chemical elements, when they exist independently are generally monoatomic as has been proved by modern science. However in nature, most of the elements exist as compounds, that is, in association with other elements.

Ormus Mineral

The term 'monoatomic' is often used in context of ormus related articles.
Ormus minerals are one of the most highly researched minerals in the field of quantitative and analytical aspect.


Ormus Mineral Dead Sea Source

The Dead Sea products are the prime source of ormus minerals and the volcanic sediments. The DEAD SEA is the prime source and its high concentration has been even found out in the air.

Several mineral products have been found in complete different state of arrangement it is possible that there may be diatomic, and also that very loose bonds can exist with certain other elements, particularly alkaline metals. Hence the generic name has changed to ormus. Ormus minerals are found to have curable characteristics towards health related issues of animals.

Ormus Mineral Characteristics

Numerous very interesting characteristics have been found in ormus minerals like on drying an aqueous preparation of ORMUS rhodium on filter paper in sunlight it is found to disappear with an intense flash of light, but with no sound or shock wave. This has been proved by scientists around the world.

The next most shocking fact that was found in ormus minerals is ORMUS iridium when subjecting it to repeated heating it has been found to give a red heat and cooling its weight to oscillate violently with each cycle of annealing--even, at one point, to lose and then regain all of its weight.

Although most of the facts and its proper use have yet to established and mean a long time to wait and watch but it is sure that these minerals will surely be very exciting as well as beneficiary for mankind.

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