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Fulvic Acid contains the 70 essential minerals.

Whenever minerals come into contact with fulvic acid, in a water medium, they are naturally dissolved into an ionic form. These minerals literally become part of the fulvic acid itself.

Once the minerals meld into the fulvic acid complex, they become bioactive, bioavailable, and organic.

Thus, when elemental minerals are transformed into an organic state, through a natural chemical process involving fulvic acid and photosynthesis, they are safe to be used by both humans and animals.


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Ormus Minerals Life Force Energy Fulvic Acid Minerals

Natural Fulvic Acid Minerals

INGREDIENTS: Fulvic Acid Minerals - 32,000 ppm natural assortment of 60+ Colloidal Minerals

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Ormus Minerals Life Force Fulvic Acid Minerals

  Fulvic Acid Minerals the Best source of organic minerals.

Fulvic acid has the ability to dramatically detoxify herbicides, pesticides, and other poisons that it interacts with - this includes many radioactive elements.

The presence of fulvic acid also acts as an important protective agent whenever toxins are used to reduce the insect population that often besiege non-organically grown crops.

This detoxification process may extend to animals and humans, since we are the end-users of these plants.

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Digestive Enzymes are Activated by Fulvic Acid.

Whenever we eat, our body sets into motion a complex series of actions designed to break down the foods that we've eaten. It then converts these digested foods into energy and building materials. The actions that take place on the foods that we ingest would not be possible if it were not for enzymes.

Without enzyme activation, food would simply rot in our stomach, elimination could not take place, thought would cease, and we would die. Enzymes are the 'life-force' behind vitamins and minerals.

Fulvic acid has the ability to dramatically reduce the oxidative effects of free-radicals. Fulvic acid is a very powerful antioxidant.

Harmful free radicals are known to circulate throughout the body, injuring tissue, altering genes, disrupting crucial processes in the body, forming cell mutations and making cells susceptible to infections and diseases. Free radicals are a major contributing factor to nearly all situations of non-ideal health.

Fulvic acid is known to bond to these free radicals, transforming them into organic, usable substances, or if the cell is too damaged, it is eliminated as waste.

Fulvic acid is effective at neutralizing and detoxifying a wide range of toxic materials, heavy metals and other pollutants. It is essential to wash away the waste and toxins that cells produce.

In addition to carrying essential nutrients to the cell, it has been shown that fulvic acid may be an excellent natural chelator of toxins and can reduce them to a harmless state.

Fulvic acid is reported to relieve oxygen deficiency and increase the vital activity of cells.

New energy will be gained just by providing your stressed out cells with the nutrients and oxygen needed.

Also, if you can restore individual cells to their normal chemical balance and electrical potential, then you have given those cells life and the potential to function at peak performance.

Fulvic acid has been reported to "induce revitalization" to the cells. Flooding nutrients into your cells gives new vitality and energizes the entire body.

Fulvic acid has been shown to be one of nature's most powerful organic electrolytes.

All cells have electrical potential, when the electrical potential of a cell is reduced, progressive weakness and illness may occur.

A person's electrical potential may be lowered by loss of blood or fluids, overwhelming emotional stress, accidents, lack of sleep, surgical shock, lingering infections, fatigue or an unbalanced diet. Cells disintegrate when their electrical potential is reduced to zero.

Scientists have learned that electrical and chemical balances at the cellular level can be created and controlled by electrolytes (substances that are soluble in water and are capable of conducting electrical current). Fulvic acid has been shown to be one of nature's most powerful organic electrolytes.

Organic fulvic acid electrolytes charge, recharge and restore the potential that is or once was normal to the cell, and in doing so, balances and supercharges cellular life.

The fulvic acid electrolytes are thought to greatly increase the percentage rate of absorption through the digestive system of minerals, nutrients, vitamins, herbs and amino acids into the circulatory system.

Fulvic acid is considered by many to be one of the safest and most powerful antiviral substances known.

Although not an antibiotic in the technical sense, they provide an antibiotic-effect. A generally accepted benefit of fulvic acid supplementation is that it can be used indefinitely without fear of creating antibiotic resistant strains of disease.

If you are currently supplementing with minerals labeled ionic or colloidal, the discovery and understanding of fulvic acid should excite you.

Scientists have found that fulvic acid is the element that makes nutrients absorbable, which gives it the ability to make a dramatic impact on all kinds of diseases and health problems that afflict us today. They call it the elixir of life!


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