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Ormus Gold Elements

The presence of elements in their independent monoatomic forms is very rare in nature as, independent elemental forms always have the tendency to combine with other elements and exist in the form of compounds which seem to be much more stable as compared to the elements alone.

Ormus Gold Elements

But , there are always the existence of exceptions in nature. One such form of existence, is the presence of a miraculous form comprising orbital rearranged monoatomic elements.

Ormus Gold Elements Arizona

This magical form was coincidentally discovered by an Arizona farmer named David Hudson in 1975.

The properties of the substance that was discovered were so miraculous that Hudson was amazed by them especially, the property of the substance to vanish into thin air through its form conversion into light energy, when the substance was dried in sunlight.

This magical element later came to be known as ORMe , that is, Orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements or Ormus. It came to be known as White powder gold or Philosopher's stone. The term Ormus thus stands for the twelve elements that exist in the normal as well as the immaterial energetic form. It was later found out through research that this form existed as a super conductor.

Moreover, these elements resonate to the prime or zero energy from which all forms of life originates and hence has the enormous potential of being used in countless ways if the benefits are taped properly.

Ormus Gold Elements ORMUS

Ormus is a form that can be found almost everywhere ranging from soil to plants and even to the human body, though obviously in varying proportions.

ORMUS Gold Elements Brain

According to experts, the Ormus content of the human brain can be raised substantially by taking in food and water that is enriched with Ormus.

It can thus be rightly said that this form of high energised form(white gold) can further be put into various uses through more research on the subject.

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